34743The introduction of our new revolutionary and innovative design, the DEEPER DIVER has created major excitement in fishing circles. Also our new 10′ Deeper Diver Rod is sure to please avid anglers. Walker is proud to offer now a full assortment of trolling equipment along with it’s downrigger line.
Many years of research and development have gone into this bringing you products such as Direct Wired Temp at the ball, Strike Vision Underwater Video Camera System, WTD Inverted, Level Wind Trolling Reel, and Walker continues to develop new trolling products to better ensure our customers are maximing their angling experience. 

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Email : info@walkerdownriggers.com
Website : http://www.walkerdownriggers.com/
Map Randy Fors
209 Side Street
Ontario, L0M 1S0
Toll Free
(705) 428-4428
(705) 428-4424
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